On the cover, legendary artist MARK LECKEY is photographed by Mark Peckmezian.

The Book of the Season is MIDDLEMARCH: A STUDY OF PROVINCIAL LIFE by Mary Ann Evans who, for reasons of societal sexism, wrote under the pen name George Eliot. This sprawling English novel tends to be accompanied by phrases like ‘but it’s just so long’ from those who haven’t read it, and ‘the best novel in the English language’ from those who have. Contributors include: Rebecca Mead, Rob Palk, Jean Hannah Edelstein, Deborah Friedell, Jordana Brewster, Yelena Moskovich and Tara Isabella Burton.




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The Interview: MARK LECKEY by Hari Kunzru — ‘To be honest, I’m looking for a way out of the art world.’

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George Eliot reads the news by Rebecca Mead — Railways, cholera, covid, kindness
My twenties, my thirties, my forties… by Rob Palk — The success world is not my world

Some times I set a good example by Jean Hannah Edelstein — My life as a moral model

Middlemarch, 2022

Book club with old friend who happens to be a film star by Deborah Friedell — Three-act reread with the brilliant Jordana Brewster

Speed read

Two wills, burn one by Yelena Moskovich — Very small inheritance story

Education sex by Tara Isabella Burton — Submission fetish but for scholars


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This July, the Happy Reader Book Club gathered in Amsterdam, in honour of The Black Tulip, our Book of the Season for summer 2018.

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