Issue No. 6

For the actor Ethan Hawke, literature has always been both an inspiration and a motif. In our special interview, also taking in music, fame and family, the Brooklyn-based father of four reveals the books that have made him who he is.

Meanwhile in Sweden, The Saga of Gösta Berling by the Nobel Laureate Selma Lagerlöf has for over a century held a special place in the national psyche as well as abroad. In this issue, her wicked novel sends us off on an expedition through Swedish life, nature, food and much more.



Searching for time, the bright buzz of spring, and the widescreen world view of ETHAN HAWKE.

Finding the time


The Interview: ETHAN HAWKE by Sadie Stein — An exhilarating exchange with the readerly and writerly actor

Ethan’s spring reads


The Book of the Season is Selma Lagerlöf’s THE SAGA OF GÖSTA BERLING, with cinematic Sweden, band name booboos, ludic whirrings and lupine stirrings.

Introduction: Deeply Swedish by Seb Emina

Nature: A killer return by Elin Unnes — There are wolves in the woods again

Society: ‘This is a huge surprise!’ by Nicholas Lezard — The Nobel Prizes are very Swedish

The other UK

Food & drink: Where the customer is always wrong by Travis Elborough — We’re a liquor store, so please go away

Music: Why bands have the most ridiculous names by Simon Price — Curiosity should’ve killed the band name

Never-ending playtime by Naomi Alderman — Swap your cuckoo for a harlequin

Icon: Fabricating Garbo by Yelena Moskovich — Why Hollywood’s ultimate star eventually vanished from public life


In summer