Issue No. 15

Beaches, books and juniper berries: this season’s cover star SARAH JESSICA PARKER is photographed by Roe Etheridge in Amaganesett, Long Island

Our Book of the Season, JAPANESE GHOST STORIES, is centre of gravity to a series of hallucinatory artworks; correspondents around the world compile an obsessive yet fragmentary portrait of the book’s odd author, Lafcadio Hearn. Contributors include Lieko Shiga, John Self, Travis Elborough, Bess Lovejoy and Moeko Fujii.


To be seen


The Interview : SARAH JESSICA PARKER by Paul Flynn —‘I will do anything to not finish a book.’

Staff picks


Apparitions by Lieko Shiga—Phantasmagorical photographs

Born by Seb Emina —Lefkada, Ionia

Abandoned by John Self —Dublin, Ireland

Hired by Travis Elborough —Cincinnati, Ohio

Possessed by Bess Lovejoy —New Orleans, Louisiana

Resurrected by Moeko Fujii —Tokyo, Japan


An addictive tragedy

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